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After a horrible error to my scribal work (the parchment slipped to the floor and in the process lines of new letters smudged), I went to bed at six, depressed and not completely trusting myself. I had this vivid dream: I was in the night court of the Fairy Queen, in an arena filled with strange creatures. They were half-human, but distorted into the features of beasts or even of candy. They were engaged in combat with one another.

My task was to fight a hulking man clad in black, with a black hood over his face. I knew him, and knew he was stronger than me. Somehow, though, I made all the right moves to unbalance him, and leapt onto his shoulders from behind. After a struggle, I was able to rip off his mask and expose his face to the Night Court, although I myself never saw his features. Once I was sure they had seen him, I somehow dispatched him and walked over his body to approach the throne.

The Fairy Queen took my chin in her hand and smiled at me. She was beautiful, washed in white light. "You fought bravely for one of impure ancestry," she said, which in the context of the dream was a big compliment but waking up seems pretty insulting. She expressed scorn for the other creatures in the arena but said I was not so animalistic as they were. I asked if she would kiss me and she condescended to do so, and the kiss lit me up from inside so spectacularly that nothing happening in the world about us seemed interesting or even perceptible.

Date: 2012-11-14 11:24 pm (UTC)
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Want to send me a photo so I can make reassuring noises?

My near miss this week: I stupidly left my chair positioned such that the dog could climb up on my work desk. I had only popped out for a bit, so I'd left the current sheet on the desk. The corner is now Rather Chewed Looking; fortunately it will be mostly hidden once the seam is seamed, but I'm rather aware that she could have done a lot worse. I also have to sandpaper some PAW PRINTS out of the margin and fix a few smeary letters. Oh, and STOP leaving my chair pulled out.

Date: 2012-11-15 02:15 pm (UTC)
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Grey vomit, ah yes.

When you make a mistake, try and blot up the excess ink with kitchen paper before it dries. This helps a lot.

Use a sharp knife. Dull knives increase the grey vomit. I buy boxes of scalpel blades and expect to get through about one blade per yeriah.

There's usually a friendly direction to erase in, that the cow seems happy about. Finding that direction and going with it seems to help. Not always possible but nice when it happens.

When scraping off ink, keep blowing on it to get the scrapage out of the way; otherwise your knife action is basically rubbing it in instead of pushing it away. If blowing isn't working, keep stopping and use an eraser. I like soft plastic ones rather than kneadables.

After scraping, erase it hard.

Then (usually) repeat with the knifing. There's usually some bits left to get rid of.

If you're working on something that has dark pigment in the animal, make sure not to confuse dark follicles with ink bits. If you've been erasing for ages and it's still not coming off, check that you're not trying to erase the cow-ness.

Then repeat with the erasing.

Then there are a few things you can do. First is burnishing: put some cardboard or leather or something softish underneath, and rub the surface smooth. Teflon burnishers, bone folders, or dogstooth burnishers all work. Very rarely you may find that 400+ grade sandpaper is useful at this point.

If it still looks like vomit, powdered gum sandarac is often a good thing to apply. Grind it very very fine (if it says "fine-ground on the tin you still have to grind it) and rub it in and then burnish again. This helps because it is white-coloured, so it goes a good long way to disguising greyness. It also gives the surface a bit of bite; it's good stuff for patches where the klaf is really too smooth and the ink is spreading.

There's this stuff called מי קלף, I don't know what it is, but you can paint it on, and it acts as a size. It doesn't change the colour, but if the texture is a bit fluffy, it helps a lot with stopping the ink spreading.

If you don't have access to any of the above, I'm happy to send, just let me know where to send it.

Date: 2012-11-15 04:31 pm (UTC)
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Kitchen paper, paper towel...I never can get the hang of this. What I know as paper towel is what you find in bathrooms to dry your hands on. Sort of scratchy, not particularly absorbent. The stuff found in kitchens I call kitchen roll because that's what they call it where I'm from, but Americans never understand that because they call it paper towels, but I already have an object designated by paper towel, so I always get confused and cal it kitchen paper and still no-one understands.

Um, yeah, paper towel. (But what do you call the kind you find in the bathroom?)

Gum sanderac...I have a pestle and mortar now but before I had that I used to use a teaspoon on a cereal bowl.
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