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I dreamt that I was in a squad of four devoted to fighting monsters. The squad included Buffy, Dawn, Xander, and Inspector Javert (me). We were in an ancient manor with tall, semi-solid iron gates, discussing our plans in low tones, when two haggard nuns came by and threw grenades of poison gas into the courtyard through a little square hole in the gate. We ran over to throw them back but were not completely successful and many people, including myself, were hurt.

Buffy was completely out of commission and so I had no idea what to do. However, a Thompson twin appeared by my side and said "You and I can solve this through good old-fashioned police work." We jumped into a black taxi and he ducked and wove through crazy traffic, following the decrepit yet surprisingly spry wagon the nuns were using. We tracked them back to their giant, expensive-looking abbey.

Some of the nuns were swarthed in raggedy black robes. Some of them were dressed as Twilek jesters, apparently also a legit habit. I quickly dressed as such a jester and infiltrated their grounds. As I wandered their humid gardens, which were filled with large and lovely carnivorous flowers, I realised many of them had mysterious powers and were clearly planning something nefarious. However, looking like a nun was not enough: you also had to give passwords at regular intervals. A nun stopped me and asked for the password, and I fled, thankfully able to leap and glide distances in the air and balance on a single leaf of a tree to recharge.

Although it doesn't sound like it even to my own self, this part of the dream was actually so terrifying that I woke with a start and had to turn the lights on.
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In this dream, I was a grown-up version of my stepdaughter, who was the top assassin in a city where it was perpetually night. Unfortunately for her/me, we fell under the influence of a sinister group of monks and nuns. There were seven of them, corresponding to "the seven elements."

We first fell into their trap by becoming too friendly with a nun librarian, who took us under her wing and started providing for us. Little did we know that she was planning to control our mind and bring us into the service of the shadowy group. The nun in my dream was played by a person I know in real life, who actually is an ex-nun.

Anyway, we discovered that the way to overcome each monk and nun was to guess which element they were. This part of the dream was very cool, because as soon as we figured it out, there was a spectacular montage of the character and element - really bright, beautiful images. I'm impressed my subconscious could come up with that. The best one was the Water Monk, who was their chief. I remember a bright gold halo jarringly juxtaposed with a pane of glass with perfect raindrops falling on it, then the bottom of the ocean, then his face, then the middle of a cloud shot with gold sunrays.

Grown-up version of Y appeared to help us in the end.


Feb. 11th, 2011 01:14 am
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I had this dream a few months ago, but forgot to post it.

In it, I was on Agron Street in Jerusalem when some nuns walked by. They wanted me to make change for them so they could buy things at a little fruit stand. I was happy to do this for them and made a big show of being polite.

However, after they bought their things, the nuns simply began to walk away.

"Hey!" I shouted, running after them. "That's my money!" Finally exhausted, as they were getting away (although they were walking and I was running?), I shook my fist at them and shouted, "You Christians are always stealing from me!"


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