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I had a dream that Clara died, although actually she was Helen of Troy. We were sitting along with Achilles and the Atrius brothers in deck chairs suspended from the side of the ship. One minute we were laughing and then her chair fell into the sea and sunk so rapidly I could barely register it. I thought, if only she hadn't been tied to that heavy chair! Why was she tied to that chair?

I inherited her laptop. I went to Canada to her little apartment to find it; it was covered with stickers with birds and anarchist slogans and when I opened it up her account was locked with the picture of a kingfisher. I thought how sad it was I would never know her thoughts and how true it was to her character to have all these beautiful and cute birds on the computer.

Many other people close to me died in this dream, although their deaths were mostly a blur of various cancers.


Aug. 9th, 2011 08:30 pm
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Dream #1: A flood of the world, very peaceful, and the waters alternated between bright tropical warm ones and elaborately-tiled, impossibly deep swimming pools. Greenery was everywhere, and parrots and colourful fish. I swam, relaxed. This is my second dream of a peaceful armageddon via flood.

Dream #2: I was walking home from Meah Shearim with Y., carrying klaf (parchment) and a kulmus (quill pen). It was a happy, fun scene, and we had been chatting together, but then within the dream I woke up and told someone what I had just dreamt. The unseen person replied, "This is the interpretation. Y. is like the klaf, not yet written. You are like the kulmus, empty of having done anything good or worthwhile."

Dream #3: This was the best one.

I was sitting on the beach with Gandalf on a chilly, overcast day. He said to me, "Frodo, do you know why there are no longer any Elves in the world?"

"No," I replied, "Why?"

He blew a smokering. "Because of a bad experience with indoor tanning."

I looked at him.

He explained to me. "The Race of Men had offered the Elves unlimited indoor tanning, but alas, it had resulted in either orange skin or had had no efficacy on them. Because of this the Elves became infuriated and left our world forever. If you want proof," Gandalf continued, "Consider this beach. It used to be where the tanning beds were located, until the Elves cursed them and flooded the studios with seawater."

I was amazed and went to investigate. I waded hesitantly into the grey sea, a little more and a little more until I was dog paddling in what I thought was shallow water.

Suddenly there was a dull boom and a brilliant light from below illuminated the waters. I could suddenly see that I was miles from the bottom of this impossibly deep sea and began panicking from a sharp feeling of vertigo. I screamed and thrashed and finally felt Gandalf's hand closing on mine, dragging me towards the shore.


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