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Another person that doesn't make me want to drink myself to death is Nancy. Nancy seems to have been raised in some sort of Fargo-like environment and can turn a freshly-killed, intact deer carcas into food. She believes in only eating what you could personally kill (which is also my vegetarian philosophy!).

Once Nancy was walking to someone's house on Shabbath afternoon in Jerusalem. Dressing out of character for her then, she was wearing loose-fitting pants, and on this account a little hareidi kid ran up to her, spat on her, then turned proudly to his parents with his hands on his hips so they could inspect his good deed. The parents said nothing.

Neither did Nancy, who carried on her day as normal and did not mention the incident. After Shabbath went out, she collected every one of her lovely skirts and dresses and gave them all to poor people. Since that day she only wears pants. She knows that in Jerusalem, that makes her seem 90% less religious than she actually is. She could not possibly give less of a crap, and in fact encourages sabotaging the Clothing Identification System ("telling," as it's called in the land of my birth).

She once had a giant dog named Gandalf.

Nancy was raised rather butch (see literal butchery skills above, and more), but she doesn't look down on femininity. Rather, she treats it as a field of research and is interested to hear all the weird rules and what others think about such things as what perfume is appropriate when. It's a cool set of knowledge to her, just not a world she personally participates in much.


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