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Another linocut:

The magpie is meant to be holding a ring with an eyeball on it but sadly I do not have a very good command of detail. Maybe I will get to take a picture of this someday with a non-crap camera.

I am beginning to identify and map all the trees in our area, and to learn about their botany and hidden mechanics. The yew tree has a horrifically firm grip on my attention at the moment; I can't stop reading up on it. It's been such a long time since a random obsession has taken over my brain, and its return is very welcome, as I always seem to learn the best in this mode.
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In a bag of art supplies, I found an uncarved block with a finished design. The design was of a hideous frog eviscerating itself, with blobs of intestines and blood pooling at its feet. Looking at it, I thought, ugh, enough of that. First of all, I have about 1000 pictures I made of self-evisceration. But second of all, I hate this artistic tendency in myself to take a self-hating instinct at its word. I don't think subject and act should be ugly, I think the art should aim to contradict the subject's perception.

It is also too bad what reaction this kind of art provokes. I painted a big portrait of a man slicing open his arm from wrist to elbow; that painting was bought and now hangs over someone's dinner table. This is how I know the painting failed miserably. I wanted someone to look at that painting and feel some urge to help, some counteremotion to the subject, the slicing was only meant to be one half of a whole which would be balanced by the pity or kindness of a viewer. But, I made it too sensationalist or cheap and this was not the effect it had.

It makes me think about how after Cato killed himself, Julius Caesar had him painted at the moment of ripping open his stomach stitches, and paraded it in his triumphal procession. The crowds were horrified and protested. If he had hired me to draw Cato I might have made something that would spark the kind of glee he wanted -- sadly.

Anyway, over this block I carved out a raven. It is a pretty cheesy image but at least the raven isn't pecking its leg off or ripping out its own spinal column. Hisda made many impressive blobs of colour in his notebook and sang along to Salt N Pepa as I worked.

I only have red ink )
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I made a picture of people burning a witch or a heretic today. However she is casting some sort of curse on them and they are all dying. It is not very tall but it is sort of long and can't be scanned (by me).

Since it is a very bad picture I must explain what it is going on rather than expecting you to get anything out of it yourselves.

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this time could have been better spent doing almost anything else.

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Here's a bad photo of a new picture to go with the previous.

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I dreamt that the world was dying of drought. I lived with H. and the stepkids and we were in the final stages, all lying on the ground and waiting for the end. The government had a small amount of water available by lottery for children only, but the stepkids had lost the draw. I wasn't scared or upset, just drained.

In another dream, I improved a black and white oil painting I did by adding a layer of unrealistic colour. When I woke up I tried it - I don't have oils beyond lamp black and china white, so I used watercolour, which was better anyway because the tints are transparent and the resistance between media was something I could use. Is it great? No. But the dream was right that it is actually marginally better.

The Fall

May. 5th, 2013 10:53 pm
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An old friend reminded me that I painted this back in the day. He still has it up on his wall, although I'd forgotten it had existed and had no record (scan, etc) of it. His fiancee took a photo of it for me:

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For the community shopkeep/gravedigger/goldsmith:

For a couple that provided immense help in translating from Hebrew to Swedish:


Apr. 18th, 2013 03:01 pm
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A merman made of watercolour and nail polish:

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Y. just finished learning Sefer Yehezqeil and asked me to draw a likeness of one of the wild creatures described in it. I drew this with a pen (no possibility of erasing... stress) on the back of some cheap ass smurf stationary while we sat in the cafe. He was actually visibly impressed, which is rare, and so very gratifying, even though I think the actual story is far too beautiful in its vagueness and confusion to pin it down to a solid visual image.

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All this little animal "art" is as a result of having to make a hundred thank-you cards, which means the subject matter can't be too disturbing; since I have a pretty narrow artistic range, an inability to draw people pulling out their eyeballs or stabbing themselves leaves me with the "cute animal" category. Manners seem to be highly valued in Sweden and I just can't picture anyone being pleased to receive a card like this:

(originally about a comic about a necromancer)
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spent a few more minutes trying to make this picture not quite as slacker:

some of last week's writing:

Eliezer is a much more interesting and complicated figure than I remembered (he also speaks much more).

Tonight my Ryoga-esque ability to get lost resulted in a spooky walk by Gothenburg's dark and foggy harbour, illuminated here and there by giant white ships with strings of lights. One ship had a plank lowered to the publically-accessible walkway and there was music playing, although I couldn't hear voices and nobody seemed to be walking around either on the pier or the ship. If life was a video game, it would call for investigation, but in real life I'm much too afraid of misdemeanor charges. Too bad HP Lovecraft wasn't there to get overly weirded-out with me.
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