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After a horrible error to my scribal work (the parchment slipped to the floor and in the process lines of new letters smudged), I went to bed at six, depressed and not completely trusting myself. I had this vivid dream: I was in the night court of the Fairy Queen, in an arena filled with strange creatures. They were half-human, but distorted into the features of beasts or even of candy. They were engaged in combat with one another.

My task was to fight a hulking man clad in black, with a black hood over his face. I knew him, and knew he was stronger than me. Somehow, though, I made all the right moves to unbalance him, and leapt onto his shoulders from behind. After a struggle, I was able to rip off his mask and expose his face to the Night Court, although I myself never saw his features. Once I was sure they had seen him, I somehow dispatched him and walked over his body to approach the throne.

The Fairy Queen took my chin in her hand and smiled at me. She was beautiful, washed in white light. "You fought bravely for one of impure ancestry," she said, which in the context of the dream was a big compliment but waking up seems pretty insulting. She expressed scorn for the other creatures in the arena but said I was not so animalistic as they were. I asked if she would kiss me and she condescended to do so, and the kiss lit me up from inside so spectacularly that nothing happening in the world about us seemed interesting or even perceptible.
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