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It was unbelievable seeing my stepkids for the first time in three months. It's hard to express how happy I was to see them jumping up and down from the minute they opened the door. I had had a dream previously that in the interim, Y. had grown a bristly beard (but was otherwise still a child of 9). When I told him this, he related the following (obviously fake, whatever) dream:

"I dreamt you had a big moustache and lots of chest hair." (I interjected to affirm that this is awesome) "You were otherwise bald. Lots of people gathered round to laugh at you, but I had the solution. It was to make you blind. JUST KIDDING, I gave you an eye operation to give you amazing eyes to see through everything, the best eyes, much better than your eyes now. I also gave you beautiful pajamas. You took off the pajamas and had nice clothes underneath and were beautiful."

M. actually seemed younger in appearance than before -- I must have exaggerated how much she should have grown. She was guarding a present for her dad all day, a coin she'd crushed under the light rail, wrapped in infinite tissues, with a handwritten note tied on.

S. was exactly the same as he was when we left, in fact exactly the same as he's always been since the day I first met him.

The leopard print, foulmouthed slouchiness of Jerusalem is a breath of fresh air after manicured Sweden.


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