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Dream #1:

I dreamt that I was transported back in time to sixteenth century England and had the opportunity to join Shakespeare's company, which was at the moment playing drama games in the Rose theatre. I walked towards the door, but someone stopped me and said, "No, the Jews' entrance is over there." He pointed to a dirty metal chute in the wall. I inspected it and found that it was full of giant, translucent spiders. It was also about as narrow as my foot, so even if I were to brave the spiders, it would be useless.

Eventually I decided that they couldn't mean that Jews had to use this specific entrance, rather just that Jews couldn't go through the normal one. I also decided that Jews could even use the main door as long as they didn't go through it a normal way. So instead of opening the door and walking through it, I climbed up the side and crawled through a crack at the very top of the door, and fell into the theatre.

They were playing switch. As I watched, I saw that actually there was already another Jewish member of the company, and that he was super annoying and stupid. I felt embarrassment on behalf of my people. I hoped they didn't judge me by him.

Dream #2:

I was having an undescribed terrible day in a bright neon metropolis which my dream mind often claims is Hong Kong. As I was trudging home, a fellow student of my esteemed teacher caught me by the elbow and said "Eddie Izzard invites all who have a terrible day over to his house in Bermuda." She gave me a pamphlet with his address on it. The address said "Bermuda Street, Bermuda."

In this dream, Bermuda was actually in Africa, but no worries, the subway went there. There were a whole series of stops where each one was named for a nation in Africa, culminating in Bermuda. I missed the stop several times and was worried about having enough money to get there, but the subway operators were very forgiving and let me get on for free when they saw I'd run out of money.

I finally got off at Bermuda Station, and discovered that it was a hot, sandy place, with only a very few and small buildings. It looked sort of like an Israeli settlement. I found myself at a rickety train crossroads. Eddie Izzard was standing under the rusty "Bermuda Station" sign and was wearing a Chinese dress and bright lipstick. When he saw me, he said, "So you've come about a terrible day -- splendid, we will have a lovely time together." He talked to me as if we were old friends, which was a relief since I was afraid the whole thing was going to be very awkward.

He took me on a splintery wooden boxcar to his house, where he met his friends, a woman and her 5-year-old son. The woman told me that it was the son's birthday, and Eddie Izzard had given him a present of a giant kidney to eat. "Normally kids are very picky eaters, but you loved it, didn't you, Daniel?" she asked. Her son smiled and put his head in her lap. "Yes well kidneys are very healthy you know," said Eddie Izzard.

We chatted all the way to Eddie Izzard's house, and then I woke up.
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