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I dreamt that I was woken up by Mercutio the cat, who had been shaved to keep cool. I felt that my gums had almost entirely grown over one of my front teeth. When I tried to break the skin to free it, the whole tooth came loose, and I slowly drew it out. It was incredibly long and turned out to be shaped like a shark's, and was covered in blood. I tried running down the stairs to the subway to get to a dentist, but a man I passed took the tooth from me and snapped it in two, ruining my chances of getting it put back in. In the Gemara, dreams of falling teeth are not a good sign.

I dreamt that I was living with my aunt and uncle in Toronto, but soon moving to Jerusalem. As I took the subway to their house, crowds of "subway people" in colourful jackets made way for the train. They lived in the tunnels. The operator, who in real life was a surly bus driver, a middle-aged butchit, made some disparaging remarks about them and said they were a pest to maintenance workers. Then we began to have a fantastic discussion, but I don't remember about what.

When I got off the subway, I found my friend from yeshivah, Danny, lying in a ditch near my house. It was the early morning and he was covered in dew. I asked him if he needed a place to stay but he seemed fine, so after he said he would visit sometime I left him. In reality, who showed up to my house was not Danny but some completely imaginary rabbi in a grey suit. He carried a gleaming black rectangular prism between his hands which could change shape. In a minute he put it on his feet and they became the shiniest of black shoes.
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