Jun. 27th, 2013

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Some local group is putting up Jesus Christ Superstar. I saw their posters on the way to my first visit to a Swedish swimming pool, which was freakishly like Roman baths as described in the Talmud: a hot pool, a cold pool, and vast amounts of intimidatingly tall and fit naked gentiles. I was taken aback by signs in Swedish which encouraged me to "have some respect" and not wear a bathing suit.

Anyway the posters for Superstar reminded me of my main question with regards to the musical, namely, what is with Herod? Which Herod are we talking about? I could place him if I knew what name he goes by in Hazalic literature, I think. Why is he so often jewed up in performances when no other cast member is? And what's with his portrayal as being super gay, is that random, or did we have a queer king, or is it a Christian attempt at insult?

All questions which lead me to this great line in Wikipedia:

Often, as in the films Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) and The Passion of the Christ (2004), Antipas is portrayed as effeminate (Antipas was played in those films by Joshua Mostel and Luca De Dominicis respectively); the origin of this tradition may have been Antipas' manipulation by his wife Herodias, as well as Christ's description of him as a "fox" in Luke 13:32


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