Dec. 16th, 2012

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There was a sect of Hasidim who handled snakes, like some Pentecostal people. They drove around Jerusalem in trucks loaded with snakes and handed out giant ones to passers-by. I wrote to one of my teachers about this in disbelief and he told me he used to be involved with them himself.

I was travelling lost through fallen San Fransisco (a city I know next to nothing about). It was at once crowded and empty, highly industrial and filthy, with garbage strewn everywhere. From time to time massive iron trams would glide by, as tall as skyscrapers and long as dragons, made completely of a dull, unpainted metal. There was actually only one floor for passengers, the height being comprised of an almost endless staircase from the entrance to the benches, again made only of metal. At first I got on one to go home to my tiny, messy apartment, but the dream changed, and I was homeless, wandering through the streets. As the sun went down, I calculated that I was going North, and worried about how I would know that once night fell. The North Star? I didn't think I could actually recognise it. I fell asleep in a micro-alley for trash between two huge stores. Although when I was awake I was alone, when I slept, H. and my grandfather would appear beside me and sleep also.

I dreamt I was teaching at my old yeshivah, a course in Ein Yaaqov. The first hour was to be spent on learning the stories, and the second hour was spent producing "real art" that would emblemise the tale. I was trying to convince the students to see with their inner eye. At the very end everyone would show the images they had made. This was supposed to make memorisation easier. This was in the version of my yeshivah which has appeared a few times in my dreams, where it is always night and the only light comes from the walls, which are made of aquariums.


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